Eggs Benedict…for Dinner?

Hi – it’s Linnea!

I’ve been wanting to try making poached eggs for a while now. My dad thinks they’re more effort than they’re worth, but I just think they’re so worth it! They’re like little happy egg pillows full of yummy goodness!

Anyway, we had leftover baguette and somehow it inspired me to create an Eggs Benedict spinoff. Yes, for dinner.

The process was a bit hectic (read: not photogenic) but basically we used this recipe from SORTED Food as our foundation.


We started off by popping some green beans in salted boiling water. Giulian doesn’t like asparagus, so we swapped the beans in. In the back you can see some butter slowly purifying on the right (for the Hollandaise!!!) and in the back left we’ve got some water heating up so we have a pot to make the Hollandaise over. Purifying the butter just means melting it so that the impurities separate out from the rest of the butter. You want the smooth, golden part, not all the little white bits.

Since you can eat the beans cold, it’s good to make them first and knock them out of the way so you can get to the complicated part: Hollandaise. Neither of us had made it before, so I’ll tell you straight up that we totally screwed the first batch up. Aside from the cooking part, it’s fairly simple: a lot of butter, an egg yolk or two (we used two), salt, pepper, and a source of acid (we used lemon juice, but vinegar is often used as well). It’s rather finicky and difficult to do with only two hands, but in the end we got the job done. One tip we picked up? If after you’ve added the butter something goes wrong and it separates, add a spoonful of boiling water. It’ll recombine and be good as new!

With the Hollandaise done and set off to the side we could get on to the easier stuff. Oh, except for the poached eggs. Those are potentially not easy, and you should put some salted water on in preparation for those. But now for bacon!


All we did for the bacon was chop it up into lil strips and fry it off in some butter. Probably too much butter. Between that and the bacon grease those lil strips were swimming by the end. We scooped them out onto a piece of paper tower to de-grease. BUT before we got rid of the excess, we dipped each side of our slices of baguette into it and then toasted them on the same pan.

Now, for those poached eggs. We did a fair bit of internet perusing on poached egg tips and the most common one was make sure your eggs are fresh. We didn’t really have a choice, since we only had whatever eggs were in our fridge. We kept it simple and just slipped a few of those into calmly simmering water (no big bubbles) and let them cook 4-5 minutes or so.


They weren’t perfect. A lot of the white floated away cooked by itself. But they came out mostly resembling poached eggs, so I’ll call that successful.

Then all that was left was to plate it up. Pop an egg on your toasted baguette, sprinkle some bacon on top, drizzle your Hollandaise, and gracefully array your green beans on the side, and there you have it.


Yes, I know. The photo quality is shit, but hey, I was hungry. And it was damn delicious.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to SORTEDfood for the inspiration!




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